Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Book Review V: Nicky Charles- I kept reading

I know that I didn't give this gal the best review.

"Beyond that though, the book was rather flat and elementary. I tried to imagine it without the gratuitous sex scenes and realized that the book would be about ten pages long. It had some interesting elements but honestly, not enough to carry the story. "

Okay, ouch. But then, I read her next two. I guess it's a bit like eating movie theater popcorn. It's not amazing. It's really bad for you (or at least not good) but it's kind of crunchy and the next thing you know you've eaten your entire $10 popcorn. #noregrets

Alright the site disobeys all sorts of web writer rules but these books are free! Which I honestly have trouble understanding. Cheapo-me thinks it's awesome of course but writer/marketing me is screaming, "Oh come on! At least charge $.99 or a $1.99 for the next in the series!"

If she charges for the next one, I would probably buy it because these books have given me at least a few hours of enjoyment as I would say her writing skills have definitely improved as she wrote on and she really took a much deeper dive into the world of werewolves and I really enjoyed that she gave different perspectives on what it was like to be a werewolf.

There was the outsider (Melody) who encounters werewolves and notices them doing things like growling, using strange words like "mate" and "pup", and sniffing. The first book was completely devoid of humans so it was only a werewolf society but the second really made it obvious that these were not just people who were sort of dog-like.
The third book played with the idea of a werewolf who didn't want to be one. Constantly fighting this wolf inside her who "spoke" to her, apparently all of them see their wolves in their minds eye and have conversations with them. And created the power struggle between the two when one was at odds with the other. The wild vs the human.

 Anyway, here is a trailer for the first book (which I'm also impressed that she had made):

Anyway, moral is. I kind of admire this writer. For, if nothing else, for being prolific. And also because has created this world of wolves that coexists within our own, in a believable way. Like I said, they're totally fun reading and a good immersion in a different word. Even if not exactly a mental exercise. Oh, also she stopped having as many gratuitous sex scenes which I appreciated.

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