Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Last Bastion of Male Supremacy: Fantasy Football

I love The League. I think it might be one of my favorite shows on television. Or at least it's one of the few that has me running to Netflix to check if there's a new episode. I have decided there for that I really want to play Fantasy Football. However, whenever I ask one of my male friends to join their league, I'm usually met by a blank stare, followed by a rapid change of subjects.

Okay, I get it. I speak some Boy, and this is a clear indicator that I am not welcome in their league. Today however, my coworker was finally honest with me.

"No, you can't join. You're a girl."

Wait, really did that just happen? Did they just hang a sign outside the (Augusta) club house saying "No Girls Allowed."

Yes, yes they did.

I used to think of myself as a "Girl's Guy." I like action movies, played ice hockey, don't cringe easily, and when someone asked me where I got my nails done the other day, I just stared at them. One of my friends once described me as "the girl-iest Tom Boy you'll ever meet."

But truthfully. I am a girl. I whine. I pout. And I'll notice if I break a nail. I'll flinch when a conversation gets too dirty or explicit. I don't like when guys talk about objectifying women. While I can hold my own among a group of guys, I do it as a girl. Not as one of the boys.

I used to try and just "blend in" but I've recently realized that won't work. I am just too "girly." I know my guy friends respect me and my opinions. They do not objectify me (and if they do it's at their own peril.) I think I like it better knowing that they like me for me, even if it means, I can't play in their fantasy league. (Which is probably stupid and boring anyway.)

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