Friday, April 19, 2013

Visitors to NYC

Visitors to NYC always go through these phases.

1) Excitement/Exhilaration

"OMGILOVEITHERE! I could TOTALLY live here! This place is sooo great!! Wow!!"

2) Exhaustion

"There's another museum/neighborhood/store/party/play/bar?? Maybe we could just nap instead. Or like watch a movie. Can we go to the movies? Wait, movie tickets are HOW much? And there's THIS many people who also want to see this? And this movie that came out three weeks ago is SOLD out??"

3) Revulsion

"Omg, why are there people everywhere? This city is so confusing! We have to wait in line for this? Why is this bar so crowded? These drinks are so expensive!"

4) Relief

"Well, this trip has been great but it's going to be great to go home. Good luck with uh... This."

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