Monday, April 29, 2013

Thoughts on writing

I am obsessed w/ Reddit. It's kind of redic. I discovered it recently and have since kind of fallen in love with it. During the Boston bombings I obsessively refreshed the homepage knowing that news would be there long before Google found it. I love their AMA's and memes. Seriously, if you haven't gone on. Do it.

Reddit also has it's downside. "Redditors" are known for being a rather aggressive species, quick to bring up their dislikes and voice complaints. Given that it's an anonymous online forum, this should be a surprise. And sometimes I read things that really annoy me.

For instance the other day someone posted a comment along the lines of: "I work 9-5 and have an hour long commute. Should I quit my job so I have more time to write?"

I expected to see comments blasting the guy.

"No, just write!"
"We all work like that, and still find time to write. You just have to make time!"

One guy suggested he had sleep apnea and maybe that was why he was "tired all the time." This was legitimately the most upvoted comment.


Oh come on. There is no excuse. Writing is hard. And life is hard. And exhausting. But there is no excuse for not writing. You are either creating things from you're brain. Or you're not.

Okay, sure, you *might* have some legitimate medical concern. Maybe. Or maybe, you're just lazy. Some writer recently said (and I'm paraphrasing): "I wish I could steal all the great ideas that I hear from aspiring writers, that I know will never make it on to paper."

Because yeah. Writing is the hardest part of writing.

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